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Quick and Easy Installation Featuring Our Roof Vents! Flat Roof Ventilation in Teaneck, NJ

It only takes a few minutes to install these vents!

Flat Roof Ventilation in Teaneck, NJ

Our commercial sized Aura Vents with Curb Mount Flange (exhaust) and Pop Vents with Curb Mount Flange (intake) were installed on a flat PVC roof in Teaneck, NJ. The contractor had built the wooden roof curbs to specs before the vents were delivered. When the vents arrived, the installation quick and easy! It only takes a couple of minutes to install each venttake the vent out of the box, place it on the roof curb, and screw it in! Everything fit perfectly. And just like that, the vents are ready for years of trouble-free ventilation.
These vents were powder coated white. Powder coat paint is very durable as it is baked onto the metal. It does not chip away like wet paints do. Our vents are also made of aluminum, so that means no rust and no corrosion, while still being lightweight. We also manufacture our own aluminum roof curbs, which are not as heavy as wood. They are built to fit with our roof vents so you don’t have to worry about building your own!
Our commercial sized roof vents are available up to 48 inches in diameter for the Aura Vent and 24 inches in diameter for the Pop Vent. Our residential sizes range from 4 inches to 14 inches in diameter. We also have the Aura Vent with a flat flange, and the Pop Vent with a flat flange for roof ventilation without the need for roof curbs.

Check out these 2 videos below and see for yourself how quick and easy the installation was! Right out of the box and onto the roof curb!

Check out all of the roof vents we have available on our website!

Ethan Kolt's Blog

Ethan Kolt's Blog

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